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Bio Seaweed Gel | Nail salon Brantford

1. What is bio seaweed gel?

Bio Seaweed Gel is a family owned and operated business committed to delivering high quality and healthier nail products since 2006.

2. How do you use bio seaweed gel polish?

  • Perform a wet pedicure before prepping nails. ...
  • Apply one thin coat of UNITY All in One Gel Colour. Cure under LED light for 30 seconds or under UV light for one minute. ...
  • Let the color set for two minutes to maintain its shine.

3. Is Bio Seaweed Gel good?

Bio Seaweed Gel is the healthier professional gel choice. ... With zero dehydration, staining or weakening, Bio Seaweed Gel will last 2+ weeks for healthier, high shine chip-free nails.

4. Is Bio Gel better than shellac?

The Main Difference: Bio Gel is a nail treatment with vitamins to promote healthy nails and growth, while Shellac is strictly a permanent polish

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