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1. What are French nails?

A French tip manicure polishes nails in two colors, one for the bed of the nail and another for the tip. Traditionally, French tip manicures create a polished and professional look that replicates the natural nail in pink and white, but modern variations may use other colors.

2. What is a French pedicure?

A French pedicure is basically a classic pedicure or spa pedicure with the addition of painting thin white stripes on the tip of the toes followed by a sheer nude or pink color on the base of the nail.

3. What is the difference between pink and white nails and French manicure?

A pink and white is form of nail, an extension. ... A French manicure is simply a polish style, using white on the tips and you can use any number of colors for the base of the nail. An American manicure is essentialy the same thing, except you use an off white on the nail tip to project a more natural tip color

4. What is the difference between a French manicure and an American Manicure?

The French manicure consists of a solid white tip with a pinkish or nude base while the American manicure has a faint white or cream-colored tip with a cream or skin color base. Stark white color is often used in French manicures compared to the cream or more subtle skin tones used in American manicures

5. What a French manicure looks like?

The classic French tip manicure is done on short- to medium-length nails. The nails are shaped, either into a more rounded or squared shape. White polish is applied to the tips of each nail, then a sheer pink, flesh or beige tone is brushed over the nail bed

6. How long do French Nails last?

Three to four days French manicures done in a salon typically last three to four days. If the person with the manicure does not perform a lot of activity with her hands, a French manicure can last up to a week. The longevity of French manicures can be extended by applying a thin coat of clear nail polish daily to protect the polish.

7. What is a permanent French manicure?

Pink-and-white sculptured acrylic nails, which are also known as “Permanent French” nails, are the most beautiful, natural-looking enhancements a nail technician can offer. ... This new manicure is a slight variation of the French Manicure, typically using a natural, neutral, sheer color for the base coat

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