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Use a Strengthening Base Coat

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Use a Strengthening Base Coat

It may seem counterintuitive, but nail polish can actually be beneficial to weak nails and even help prevent them from breaking—as long as it's the right formula. Using a base coat with your polish can add an extra layer of protection, but unless you're using a strengthening base coat, it's more for the adherence of the polish versus improving nail health. One great option is côte Nail Strengthener Base and Top Coat to strengthen weak, thin, or splitting nails.

Another great option is the Tenoverten The Foundation Base Coat from Violet Grey. It's a more natural way to strengthen your nails as it is an “8-Free” formula, which means without the top eight chemicals, including dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde, that are in many nail polish formulas. For a budget-friendly option to strengthen your nails, check out Sally Hansen Mega Strength Hardener.

Resist the Urge to Pick or Peel

Just as you're not supposed to pick at your face when you have a breakout, it's best if you leave your fingers alone when your nails are breaking or your polish is peeling. Try to keep a keratin-based strengthener or serum handy and apply it whenever you notice damage. Replace the picking habit with self-care.

If you have gel or dip nails, avoid picking, peeling, or pulling the artificial nail off. This is not only potentially painful but can damage your nails. To safely remove them, you must soak them in an acetone solution. The acetone solution can dry out your nails, but it won’t damage your nails as much as pulling off the gel or dip nails. Soak-off gel nails will actually cause less peeling and brittleness to your natural nails than acrylic nails, however. You can also consider getting artificial nails only for special occasions to let your nails recover in between.

If your cuticles have seen better days, slathering on hand cream alone won’t make them any less painful or unsightly